Residential Neighborhosting websites have many great features:

No Ads Residential websites are advertisement free! While you’ve probably never seen them, free neighborhosting websites display contextual ads to certain visitors (we try hard to avoid showing ads to regular visitors).
3GB of Upload Space 3GB of web space for pictures, documents, and audio. That’s 100 times the storage space of 30MB that free websites have!
Plugins and Widgets Access to all premium plugins and widgets. Visitor statistics, Google Analytics, mapping, contact forms, and easy integration with services like Feedburner, Twitter, and Flickr are all enabled for residential websites!
Email Subscriptions Simple email newsletter subscriptions for supporters. Instead of paying for email services like Constant Contact, write your updates in one place and subscribers receive full HTML emails with images and all. The website and email newsletter are now one!
Custom Domains Ability to use a custom domain name (available now!). Use your own .com, .org, or any other domain name to point to your website. Simple, seamless integration.
Much More! And much more on the way!

What does it cost?

One of our goals here at neighborhosting is to provide the most value to our neighbors at the best price possible.  That’s why we offer our Residential program to anyone!

You can get started with all the benefits above today,  simply sign up for your new site, log in, and click on the “Residential” link in the left-hand sidebar of your admin area!

Need even more?

Do you want these features?

-Ability to make money by displaying your own ads

-Secure Shopping Cart (that’s easy to setup – we guarantee it!)

-unlimited blogs

-unlimited authors

You should take a look at our Business Package for the complete web solution.  Start making money online today!