We at Neighborhosting.com want to give you the best web experience possible.  We do this by providing some of the most advanced web hosting, portfolio, and e-commerce features of the web, all in a surprisingly easy-to-use interface backed up by the most responsive support team and forums around.

We call ourselves Neighborhosting, because that’s what we are – we’re neighbors!  The idea is to provide a service for the real people who run and manage those websites.  Every site you’ll find hosted here represents the imagination, ingenuity, and dreams of a real person and our goal is to help them be successful in whatever they are endeavoring to do.  It is, afterall the most neighborly thing to do!

Neghborhosting harnesses the power of WordPressMU to give you control over all the content on your site.  We’ve tested advanced plugins and themes to provide more functionality than you’d expect, but deliver it with confidence and at a fraction of the price.

We’re still in the early stages, but we’re happy with the results we’ve seen and the success stories we’ve heard from our neighbors so far.  Click around on the site and be sure to click on any of the featured avatars you see.  These little icons represent the neighbors, the people, who host their web presence in our neighborhood.  We’re proud of their work be it a personal website, a hobby blog, a web store, or a fan page to their favorite band.

Check it out, and if you’re thinking you’d like to be part of this community, just sign up now!  We’ll let you look around play with your own website, visit the forums, ask questions, kick the tires, all for free for your first 3o days.  If you decide you want to stay we believe you’ll find the “rent” unbeatable!